What We Offer Our Customers
  1. Selection
    We market our fine landscape plants and trees at various farmers markets across the region. We also welcome customers to visit the Nursery by appointment.
  2. Value
    Our plants and trees are lovingly grown in the mountains of western North Carolina and have lived through our rigorous climate. We feature unusual and striking plants for your yard or landscape project.
  3. Service
    We provide expert advice on the selection and placement of your plants and trees. Amounts of sun & shade are one of several critical factors in determining what plant or tree will work in a location.
About Us
We are a small nursery in Fairview, North Carolina. We started out with a few specimen Japanese Maples like "Red Feather." Our nursery has grown and we now have over 1,500 containerized plants and shrubs at the Nursery.

Image Gallery of Selected Plants
  1. Minuet Mountain Laurel
    Unique form of the mountain laurel with umbrella like flowers, blooms each Spring
    Minuet Mountain Laurel
  2. Basjoo Banana
    Yes ! Bananas do grow here in western North Carolina. They get 10-15 feet tall each year but there are some special steps to growing them. This is an actual picture of the bananas in the ground at the nursery in Fairview, NC.
    Basjoo Banana
  3. Various Rose Cultivars
    A sample collection of our fragrant rose collection. Sizes range from the miniature Diamond Eye to the Joseph's Coat climber.
    Various Rose Cultivars
  4. Upright Red Palmatum Cultivar
    This upright large leaf Japanese maple can get anywhere from 8 feet to 30 feet tall. There are many cultivars available, be sure to get the correct one to fit into your yard or landscape plans.
    Upright Red Palmatum Cultivar
  5. Ukigumo
    Also known as the "Floating Cloud" maple with white and green speckled leaves. A unique cultivar for your landscape.
  6. Bluberries Grow Well in Our Climate
    There are dozens of blueberry cultivars available for planting in our area. They do best in almost full sun and careful attention to watering needs the first year. They like a bit of an acidic soil.
    Bluberries Grow Well in Our Climate