High Country Nursery in Fairview, NC specializes in fine and unusual landscape plants and trees. These include japanese maples,  cultivars of conifers, fragrant roses, bald cypress, dawn redwoods, blueberries, cherries , figs, paw paws and additional fruiting plants and shrubs. We even have a cold hardy banana plant called "Basjoo" which will grow in Western North Carolina. The nursery focuses on container grown trees and plants and specalizes in Japanese Maples with over three dozen cultivars available.  All trees are hardy to our local Zone 6 climate.

We have a variety of sizes and shapes of standard and unusual Japanese Maples to fit everyone's budget. We specalize in the unusual and unique. We have added a specality line of unique Japanese maples which feature unusual spiral forms, braided and one pot/two cultivar premium trees.

We also offer planting and delivery services for our customers upon request.

  1. Sagu Kaku
  2. Rose and maple Mix
  3. George Burns Fragrant Rose